technology talk – One BI solution

Gabriela: Please feel invited to today’s conversation to talk about cloud analytics, #OneBI, data consistency, and transparency.

As a leader of Business Intelligence technical team, Marek, please tell me in 2-3 sentences, how you and your team approach the BI solutions?

Marek: I will answer you in 2 words – One BI.

Gabriela: Can you say something more about this?

Marek: Consistency and transparency is the main slogan. Consistency means that we try to use the same tools for sales representatives, for example, as well as for managers and board members working in Poland or abroad. Transparency, on the other hand, means that we try to make sure that the KPI – the set of tools, the collection of data used – is the same everywhere and that people speak the same language within the organization.

Gabriela: As I understand it, that employees in Warsaw and, for example, Chicago will be able to interpret the data in the same way?

Marek: The goal is for the data to be consistent with each other and to be presented in the same way. Because understanding the data at a low level also means that at higher levels of analysis, you can draw more concrete conclusions because of this consistency at all stages of analysis.

Gabriela: Ok, I understand, but you will agree that some data cannot be accessible to all people in the organization, let’s say at the same time for the sales department and the whole entity, or a unit. Is the data classified somehow so that, for example, my manager sees more than me?

Marek: Yes, of course, ale the data is secured, and following your example – the sales representative sees only the data related to the region in which he works, while his manager oversees the data of all the people in the team, aggregated or individual – it depends on his preference, and the CEO sees the most aggregated data at the level of the whole company.

Gabriela: I have a question about costs because I think this topic is very interesting for my customers. Can we consider One BI as a cost optimization solution, or is it not a solution under this slogan?

Marek: Absolutely yes! In recent years, our implementations for analytical systems are mainly focused on data clouds. Here we have space for cost optimization since our solutions are tailored to the needs of the customer. For example, if there is no need to maintain some infrastructure continuously, we can optimize it and reduce the costs needed to support it. One of the solutions we use for this is Azure synapses analytics.

Gabriela: I’ve heard about this solution. Our team implemented it as one of the few in the world. It took them only two weeks to do so! I think Marek will say more about this in a moment, but I can also say that we took part in developing this product, right?

Marek: To be precise, we implemented this solution in 2 weeks from when it became publicly available for production use. However, this was preceded by about six months of work with Microsoft to make sure that the solution was stable and secure and that there were no bugs to use, so at the moment when it became general available (GA), we already had a full of solution that we implemented in those two weeks.

Gabriela: I am proud to work with such a team. If you are thinking about implementing BI, Inetum should be your first choice.