technology talk – One BI and open source

Gabriela: Marek, could you tell my guests watching us now what open-source is in IT?

Marek: an open-source software often means that we do not have to pay licensing costs to use this solution in our implementations.

Gabriela: tell me, why do we, as Inetum propose such solutions to our clients? What does it mean to our clients in general? 

Marek: there are several aspects. One of the most important is cost optimization because the customer does not pay for licenses, and therefore the solution may be cheaper. The second thing is also hardware optimization because, in many cases, the solutions that the customer thinks should be used result from the fact that he is used to particular technologies. In practice, it turns out that the demand is not so high, and we can use tools which are open, free but meet all functional requirements.

Gabriela: you said that customers using open-source don’t have to pay for licensing. I want you to tell us about one of my automotive customers – I won’t share its name- where we have implemented such a solution.

Marek: yes, for this customer, we have built a complete BI solution. It involves many areas of data integration and data analytics based entirely on open-source solutions. One of the components used is hosted in the cloud, and yet the client did not pay any additional costs for using this solution.

Gabriela: thank you. Do you think there is any slight understatement in the market regarding the open-source? Something that customers may not be aware of?

Marek: yes, one of such things for sure is that open source is also used in cloud solutions. What advantages does it give? When we use something in the cloud, we pay for it, both for the hardware resources used, but also in this price, there are the hidden or licensing costs incurred for solutions such as SQL Server on Azure database. However, if we decide on an open-source solution, this part of the cost we would incur is gone, and we pay only for the hardware used.

Gabriela: Ok, thank you very much. Dears, in two words – open-source means cost optimization.